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As a law firm, we define ourselves by the exceptional service we provide to our clients. The nature of our practice which allows us to help victims of personal injuries and workplace injuries, means that we meet our clients during some of the most challenging times of their lives. We take great pride in helping them through these difficult situations and back on track.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our representation:

Armen has helped me with Numerous cases I needed assistance with, ranging from car crashes to slip and fall at Target. He won every case he provided services for, and I didn't have to hassle with anything. I definitely would recommend him to family and friends if I haven't already.

Candice L.

I was rear-ended last May, which resulted in a 3 car accident, a totaled car and bodily injuries. I had absolutely NO idea what to do or how to handle it, but this law firm was strongly recommended to me, so I called them up. They took excellent care of me, sent me to get X Rays and MRIs and physical therapy (nothing paid out of pocket) and then they fought for me to get a rental and proper compensation for my car and the LARGEST amount possible from the Insurance company for my injuries. I am SO grateful and highly recommend them to represent you, should you ever be involved in a car accident. Thank you, Jack Dakyan and Armen Artinyan!

Maura M.

When I had a car accident, I was really hurt, in a shock, and stressed out. Friend of mine referred me to Law Offices of Armen Artinyan, because of their previous service. The staff was super helpful and knowledgeable. I got a rental within 24 hrs, I got my vehicle appraised shortly after, and my vehicle was fixed in less then 2 weeks. Also, Mr. Artinyan was very professional, and he answered all my questions. Overall I was extremely happy with their services. I called their office almost every day, and they didn't dodge my calls, they answered my questions and made me feel safe. I would definitely recommend Mr. Artinyan , for anyone that's hurt, whether it's a car accident, slip or trip and fall, and ect. This people actually know the meaning of customer service.

Luiza K.

A very thorough law office. They heard our claim and concerns and dutifully acted on getting us the settlement we needed and wanted! I would highly recommend them for any personal injury claims and in our case an rear-end collision. I would like to also state that Amy (his assistant/paralegal?) was very attentive to our needs and followed up with us without us having to reach out to her! This is the second time I use their law office. I recommended them to my parents who were involved in a rear-ender on a freeway who suffered injuries.

Steven B.

My personal injury case was handled beautifully start to finish by the Law Offices of Armen Artinyan... We went to mediation--it took only part of an afternoon and Armen explained and guided me at every step. I am very satisfied with the amount of my settlement!

Stan D.

Armen Artinyan has been representing me for almost five year now on various cases and not once he has let me down. He is always upfront about issues that might come up and does not like over promising. He is a knowledgeable and humble individual who is an expert in his areas of practice.

Gregory J.

Armen and his associates worked hard for my case for more than two years and never gave up on my cause. I have had two cases with this firm and have always been satisfied with their services.

Jamie B.

Mr. Artinyan is very knowledgeable about the law and has provided me with meaningful and helpful advice.

Aleksey L.

Armen was very professional and knowledgeable. All the employees were very welcoming and helpful. My case was settled in a couple of months. My car was fixed in less than a month. Very happy.

Swaraj K.

I had a workers compensation matter handled by this firm back in 2015 and it got resolved within 4 months. I was extremely happy with the resolution of the case and the settlement amount Mr. Artinyan was able to achieve. Very knowledgable and courteous staff.

Suzan T.

This firm handled my auto accident case and was able to obtain a great deal of a monetary compensation for my injuries and the loss resulting from the accident. Very pleased with the results and the way this firm approached my case.

Stepan M.

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