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Our workers compensation practice

Our Workers Compensation practice focuses on helping our clients obtain medical care, rehabilitation treatments and financial benefits for the injuries they sustained on the job.

A work-related injury is defined as any type of injury sustained at your workplace, during the course of your employment or while completing a job on behalf of your employer. You don’t necessarily have to sustain the injury on a property owned by your employer. Examples of work-related injuries eligible for workers compensation include falling and hurting your back, being in a traffic accident while making a delivery, or getting burned or hurt in an industrial accident or by machinery. You are also entitled to workers compensation if the repetitive nature of your job results in an injury such as loss of motion or hearing.

Years of legal experience

Over the years, our firm has filed workers compensation claims on behalf of our clients for a wide variety of injuries, some of them career-ending, including orthopedic injuries such as head, neck, back, arms or legs injuries.

Under workers compensation law, the victim of a work injury is potentially entitled to various types of benefits which range from medical care to temporary or permanent disability to death benefits for your next of kins in the most extreme cases.

Workers compensation experts

While the injury itself is often traumatic, the process of filing a Workers Compensation claim can be equally daunting. Most victims of a work-related injury are generally focused on receiving the medical benefits or treatment that will allow them to rapidly get back to work, and are not prepared for the paperwork and the legal requirements that come with filing a compensation claim.

When the severity of an injury is such that the worker is unable to return to work either temporarily or permanently, the importance of filing an effective workers compensation claim becomes critical. This is often compounded by the fact that in most cases, your workplace injury may result in a significant loss of income and may affect the financial well-being of your family.

Seeking the assistance of a skilled Workers Compensation attorney like Armen Artinyan will help you secure the maximum benefits and settlement you are entitled to by law.

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Workers Compensation Law is complex. An experienced attorney will help you maximize the benefits you are entitled to.